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Founded in late November 2019 DeltaSport sought out to compete against the world biggest and best teams competing on the iRacing service. In its first ever iRacing event it premiered in the top split of the Daytona 24HR in the GT3 class. Finishing 6th was a huge start for the team. The very next month they would appear in the top split once again in both GT3 and Porsche Cup class. Both entries would finish on the podium in their respective classes, 2nd in GT3 behind Coanda Simsport and 3rd in Porsche Cup. 

Since those events DeltaSport has been building its main purpose, a STEM program to reach students all around the country using iRacing as a testing platform to expose those individuals, their family and friends to the world of motorsports providing the sport with growth in new areas. Our partnerships with Race Factory is a valuable piece of our program giving us the ability to bridge the gap between the virtual and real world of racing. We are not simply focused on creating fast drivers but the next generation of artists, engineers, strategists and being able to move those individuals through the professional stages of motorsports starting in the virtual world, to entry level karting and car categories all the way into the professional level such as IMSA. All of our partners have the same passion for education and development and are dedicated to creating a successful program that will bring new and exciting opportunity for drivers and students. 

Our App
Our "DeltaSport" app is our take on social media and how it should be. With social media ever growing more popular the means behind the apps remain hidden to most and have been built to do things that hide behind the phrase social media. We ditch all the in our opinion toxic features of those apps and take it back to the way it was before. No data sharing, no algorithms that are being fed by scary terms of conditions that are accessing every aspect of your daily life. Promote yourself no matter what sport you are playing, promote your team, league and follow meet new people. Be a voice and provide feedback while we build a healthier alternative to modern day social media.

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DeltaSport's Headquarters are located in Evington, Virginia (USA)

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