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Program Announcement! DeltaSport Welcomes PCS!

Ever since its birth DeltaSport has been big on driver development and finding drivers undiscovered and bringing them up through the ranks. For a time there was the DeltaSport Academy, drivers who wanted to grow to the level in which DS has established in its young time on iRacing in hopes of making the official roster.

Relationships between team principals Bryan Vorce and Pascal Ebener of Protocharge Simsport (formally known RLR Abruzzi) were formed during the 2020/2021 IVRA Endurance Series where the two found common ground on some on track incidents. The two would go onto reconnect earlier this year with the possibility of working together after RLR and PCS would go their separate ways returning the team to its original name and after the loss of a few of their top drivers were in a tough place on where to continue and focus. DeltaSport needed a helping hand in creating a home for all of its academy drivers as well as an influx of GT talent to revive their GT3 program which turned into LMP2 when the car was released on the service. PCS staff wanted to keep the name active for its LMP1 program had a handful of drivers who they felt could perform at the level DeltaSport was currently competing at. After loosing a few of their top drivers and wanting to keep the core they had left the two teams agreed to a combine their efforts which will see DeltaSport as the premier team (excluding PCS's LMP1 program) and PCS will intake all of the former academy drivers and focus on development and searching for new young talent to introduce to the system. 

"I think its really important for the academy drivers to have a place to call home, we in the later part of 2021 decided that we didn't have the support that they needed to continue an official academy, that is why the name and entries disappeared suddenly. We we're very focused on improving our results in the series we were competing in and trying to rebuild a GT program. This opportunity I feel benefits both parties and helps grow what we both have built with help from one another." - Bryan Vorce, Owner DeltaSport 

The initial list of call ups from PCS to DeltaSport has some impressive names and have had an immediate impact on the team as DeltaSport looks to enter in 6 Sebring 12HR entries (3 Prototype, 3 GT3)

The names in which have been called up to DS are

Florian Krüger 7.2K GT3

Frank Schlothmann 6.3K GT3

Jakub Wyderka 5.8K P2

Frédéric Schwarz 5.3K GT3

Timo Reipen 5.2K GT3


"I'm excited for the future of this partnership. The coaching and other opportunities that will be available to our drivers will be like nothing we have had before. We have had a long focus on potential talent and not really focusing on how much iRating a driver has at the moment, but what they could become with the right foundation and support. Teaching and helping others has been a large focus of what I wanted to provide for my team and now we can bring that to the next level. We have had a lot of success in the past with some amazingly talented drivers get their start with us at PCS and move on to bigger and better things, but its nice now knowing that we can provide a direct path to the top level of racing with DeltaSport." - Jake Browining, Owner PCS

"After founding PCS in 2020 with Jake (Browning), we've had a lot of fast guys accompanying us on our journey in the last two years. We've always been the ones to focus on drivers getting their first steps in simracing to become a serious contender in bigger teams In the past, we had several great drivers, namely Rick Jonk, Bence Némethi, Markus Dec and Alxander Spetz in our program that now represent teams in VCO events, SCO or the 24H Series eSports championship. Besides the work we put into the drivers development, we always make sure they can focus on what's important to them - Racing. Having a team to race with and signups as well as organizational things being taken care of makes sure they have the time to practice and work on the cars as a main focus. Going forward into this, I'm happy to be part of the journey to bring the next generation of drivers to a level to compete with DeltaSport in series like the ones mentioned above. Focusing on development of the drivers will surely help strengthen the roster and bring a new dynamic to the way of how new drivers will find their way into the ranks of DeltaSport. We're stoked to see what the future holds for this amazing program." - Pascal Ebener - Team Principal, PCS

Lots of new faces Rocking the 🔴 and its a beautiful thing for everyone. Stay tuned for the STEM Education updates that have been developing in the backround!

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