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IVRA Season ends with a thriller into the night!

GSI Endurance Series Presented by IVRA | Round 3 | 1000km of Road Atlanta
Jakub Wyderka and Qio-Tiago Marteau were penciled in for the season finale coming off a best the teams finish in the Sportcar Open series at Watkins Glen so had a lot of positive energy and drive for Road Atlanta. Wyderka has shown great pace and effort since the PCS merger which saw him moving up to DeltaSport and would take qualifying duties for the team and held the fastest time in qualifying until the very last lap which saw Alpinestars Geodesic Racing and PureSims Esports squeak by Wyderka's time. The top 3 teams would record times only .075 off each other. 
Jakub got a really good jump on the start directly behind Geodesic and by Turn 1 was into P2 and only had 3 laps of traffic free racing before the GT traffic would become a factor. The team had a interesting setup and strat compared to everyone else. Opting for the extra dive plane in the front for extra downforce and a setup that wasn't as quick on fresh rubber, Wyderka did his best to slip in behind the leader through traffic but quickly found luck was not on his side slipping back to 5th place due to loosing time in the corners where the car was strong and a sitting duck on the long straight to other P2 cars that had a bit more luck with traffic timing. The strategy would begin to turn in their favor longer in the run where the car became quicker. 
At the halfway stages the #33 would collect 33 points for crossing the mark in 5th place. This is around where things start to turn back in the favor of the DeltaSport team, rubber build up on the track and dropping air/track temps would come into play in the final half of the race which for a while got the #33 back into P2 for awhile. With 75 laps to go and currently sitting in P4 and looking strong for a podium fight a caution would come out bunching up the field which on the restart the leading team Apex Tech would loose it at the top of esses which caused mass scattering, Team RSO would go off the track and Wyderka would have to pull a massive save to keep the car heading in the right direction which pushed DeltaSport into the podium positions. 
Night would begin to fall and with 22 laps to go Alpinestars led the race looking like a favorite to win given their pace all race would be black flagged for a incident earlier in the race handing the lead over to the #33 but still had 1 stop, a splash and dash left where as Satellite Racing had stopped earlier and were clear to the end. With 6 laps to go Jakub Wyderka would come out of pits 2 seconds behind the #64 machine being driven by Sai Andrea and the race was on. Wyderka closed the gap quick but due to traffic and staight line difference between the 2 cars it would be hard to make a pass early enough on the track to offset the back straight. The two would cross the line eight-tenths apart in what was a great battle for the final 10 laps which you can go back and watch HERE! (TimeStamped) 
P2 is the best finish for the team after what was a struggling battle bringing home a total of 123pts for the finale and also jump 2 positions in the winter season standings to finish P5 and P6 in the Grand Championship. This marks the end of league endurance racing before the summer break. There are still iRacing Special Events held every month that the team will be participating in but we're looking to hoping to have multi entries in next seasons IVRA Endurance series. 
DeltaSport Led 9 of the 245 completed laps and Qio-Tiago Marteau in his 2nd ever endurance race in LMP2 recorded the 2nd fastest race lap (1:08.431) only 0.065 off Manuel Sadau from Team RSO (1:08.366) 

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