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Inaugural Bowling League Announced

Summer 2023 we will be hosting our very first league. #SummerSLAM2023 will be a 16 week ūüé≥ league that brings a fresh twist to modern league bowling using the¬†Lanetalk¬†app. The fun and exciting part about our league is that we have the ability to expand your competition beyond your house by collecting scores virtually during bowlers regular league play. Participants just need to connect to our tournament matches on the app after their first frame during USBC Sanctioned league play and the app records the rest against the others. This allows bowlers to bowl at different times, in different houses during the week.¬†

We have a different structure to our league as well. While most typical leagues you are bowling a single team each week, with us you are bowling against the entire league each week for points after all the scores have been recorded. Points are given out to players based on their ranking each week which is determined by their 3 game total. Our #SummerSLAM league will only have individuals and for some extra bragging rights, house competition as well which means the top 3 bowlers from each house will score points for the house each week. 

Registration is easy ‚Ź©‚Ź©‚Ź©¬†SIGN UP HERE!

More information on rules and procedures are coming within the month before competition starts. 

Bowling will begin on May 9th or the following week depending on numbers 2023 | $0 Entry Fee

16 Weeks (or 15 TBD) of bowling. 1 Attempt per week.

Individuals & House Championships (Top 3 bowlers from each location will score for their house)

Individual Champion will receive a DeltaSport DS.01 Watch as a reward!

This is a HDCP League! 70% of 220 (HDCP will not allow you to surpass 250) (You will establish a league AVG after 2 rounds TBD)

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please reach out to us HERE

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