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Double Podium & Sebring 12HR 🏆!! (2nd Split) Full Event Recap

Florian Kruger & Frank Schlothmann bring home the gold  for DeltaSport in the 2022 iRacing Official Sebring 12HR event. The German duo made the 2nd highest split against 6,854 other drivers across the entire world. 2nd Split was no cake walk either, stacked with top teams it looked to be a dog fight to the end. 9 GT3 entries would finish on the same lap to our #2 McLaren which is the highest scoring McLaren in the world scoring enough points to be the 5th highest scoring team out of the whole competition despite being in second split. The duo qualified 32nd overall and would cross the line 18th overall in their class victory over Zennith Esports and T3 Motorsports by Maniti. 

In the same Split (Split 2) the Trio of Thomas Imbourg, Christophe Herbigneaux and Alexandre Deletraz would bring home a double podium for DeltaSport finishing 2nd place overall and 2nd in the LMP2 class. After a difficult qualifying (18th) they would work their way to the front of the field leading 11 laps, 3rd most of any team. A second place finish in second split for them scored enough points to be the 8th highest scoring team out of the entire event. This entry was originally supposed to be just Imbourg and Deletraz but with Alexandre Gravouille becoming unavailable to run the Original trio of Gravouille, Modoff and Herbigneaux had to be split into the other 2 LMP2 entries. 

Our second GT3 entry of Timo Reipen, Frederic Schwarz and JJ Musset landed in 4th split and ran the 2nd of our McLarens. The team was looking at a solid 6th place finish until a spin in the final 20minutes dropped them 2 positions to 8th place retaining a top 10 finish for the trio. 

Our Top Split entry which we were not expecting to make top split consisted of the 2 entries we had to blend together, Carl Modoff would lead new to endurance racing Thiago Spencer and Paulo Dreata. The Brazilians had just started driving the LMP2 a few weeks ago making a change from their Formula 3. They have put a great deal of seat time behind the prototype and got to experience top split special event racing first hand as their first ever endurance race. Modoff would kick off the race with a triple stint and would later do a double after their first round of stints, then the call was made to allow Dreata and Spencer to finish out the race themselves to give them the most seat time possible to gain experience. The team was off pace due to the newness the prototype was to them so turned into a really positive learning experience for them. The car would finish without a scratch and in 17th place which is a massive positive for them going forward. 

You can check out the first half of the top split entry from inside the car here on our youtube! PLEASE LEAVE A SUB FOR US!!!

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