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7th Place for team 🔴 after 24HRS

24 hours, 105 laps completed by the DeltaSport team who found themselves on their back foot early after a DQ in qualifying due to driving slower then the stewards would have liked on the out lap. This put the #27 at the back of the GT4 grid for the start which made things very difficult for Florian Kruger who was stuck behind 2 Aston Martins who wanted to battle it out for the first 5 laps causing the trio to loose ground to the lead back in class. 
The race was mostly calm without any incidents other then a netcode contact with the leading car at the time, the #80 VRS Coanda Simsport Porsche. Netcode contact was made as the #80 attempted to pass which caused some right rear damage to the #27 which the crew was able to beat out and cut away in the next pit stop. The team battled their way and survived the full course of the race from 15th to bring home a 7th place finish. 

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