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5.30.22 Team Report

     My name is Becky DeFino, and I am an intern at DeltaSport! I am super excited to announce that we will be launching weekly reports that will shine the light on the accomplishments that are happening at DeltaSport, as well as driver announcements and departures! Our first post will be an update on the month of May because of how quickly this month is flying by, but then we will transition into weekly updates. I will be the person behind the scenes interviewing our drivers, and gathering information to produce a great outcome for these weekly reports! My goal is to create a platform that our followers can feel like they are apart of our team, and can get to know the drivers better while a learning more about our achievements! 

New Arrivals 

   Ryan Littlemore, a UK native with a love for the iRacing platform. Littlemore is transitioning internally in the PCS/DeltaSport program and currently is serving his probation period preparing for his debut event in June, LeMans 24hr. Littlemore has been racing through the sim world for the last 10 years and has developed intricate skills, specifically in the LMP2 and the LMP1 machinery. As a driver, Littlemore wants to continue developing himself as an all-around driver by being consistent on his race and qualifying pace. With that mindset, Littlemore had impressively won last years iRacing 24 Hours of Daytona, and has the drive to race his way further in the iRacing world. When he is not in the cockpit, Ryan enjoys watching Formula 1, Endurance, and IMSA racing. As a fan of Lando Norris and his McLaren team, Littlemore sees many similarities between the McLaren team and DeltaSport already. He states that the teams feel like a big family and they have respect not only for their fans but their team. Having raced against DeltaSport in the IVRA Endurance Series, Littlemore knows how big and fast DeltaSport is for him to develop.

   Caleb Patire, 25 year old sim racing driver from southern Wisconsin. Patrie has been sim racing for 8 years and karting for 4 years and recently obtained a permit for SCCA club racing. As a sim driver and also a real driver Patrie gets first-hand experience on the similarities and differences there is with sim and real racing. Patrie states, when done right, sim can help you understand race craft and the proper way to learn a line and feel out a car. In addition, he exclaims that you are able to get comfortable with the car/track much quicker in real life when you have a sim racing background. With the sim and real racing background, Patrie received an invitation to compete against several pro drivers (real and virtual) in the Valvoline Pro-Am 50, where he qualified 3rd! Patrie has raced against several DS drivers in various leagues, where the speeds were similar, but the DeltaSport drivers seemed to have had a slight edge over him.  He mentioned that he is most excited about running with and learning from some of the best sim and real world drivers out there. With this excitement, Patrie is  confident with the right setups and support, he can surpass the level he was at before coming aboard DeltaSport.

   Mika LeMasuier, a 13 year old driver living in Australia. LeMasuier races karts, IRL and is a factory Birel Art/Ricciardo kart driver. With a love for racing, LeMasuier races overseas and has found himself on the podium at multiple national events. During his trial period, LeMasuier is excited to experience what being on a team is like, and to learn with the different setups. At a young age, LeMasurier already has his eyes on continuing with racing motorsports, and now is ready to join a sim racing team to better his abilities. When not racing, LeMasurier enjoys watching Formula 1 teams go head to head, specifically Aussie native Daniel Ricciardo. He even states that F1 drivers are the best drivers in the world. LeMasurier is already showing great competitiveness at his age and is only going to forward from here. 

   Joncarlo Schooler, a 17 year old American from Maryland, who has a passion for racing. Schooler loves all forms of racing but most importantly endurance racing. He states that he loves the teamwork and the family that comes also with fighting for a win with a team. With that being said, Schooler is excited about knowing the DeltaSport drivers and form connections with all of the people that make up DeltaSport. Schooler is ready to expand his racing and has high hopes for his driving career in sim and also real life racing as he is starting to get into real racing. Already, Schooler impressively won his split of the 2020 24 Hours of Daytona, and has his eyes on only going further into the racing world from here. With great inspiration from his father, who has been in the automotive racing industry since Schooler was born, he has the drive to keep on moving forward and be a competitive driver. 


     Tobias Olsson locked up 2 championship titles this month, first being the Acer Predator Race Cup, Nordic Championship on ACC and the second coming on iRacing in the Apex Formula 3 Championship. Olsson finished the season with 5 wins, 4 pole positions and 2 fastest laps in the 9 round season for a total of 887pts ahead of PDR's Samuel Hermer who tallied 812pts. 
     Christophe Herbigneaux wrapped up his first GT3 season with a win at Interlagos. Herbigneaux took on the challenge of racing GT3 to mix up things for himself having been a standout in Formula and LMP2 competition, it was time to take on a new challenge. Entering the championship in round 3, it was most about learning the car and the racing within the class. In the final 7 rounds Christophe recorded 3 podiums, 1 win, 2 fastest lap awards and had a lowest finish as 10th place, which was good enough to score him in 6th place in the overall championship with 412pts. 
     David Holland and Carl Modoff made a return to the Precision Racing League this past season for the IMSA Series for a bit of laid back fun. Holland wrapped up the season with a 2nd place finish behind Geodesic's wheelman Graham Sanders. Modoff with a DNF and DNS each could only muster a 5th place finish and the duo would score just 2pts behind Punto CL Racing Blue to miss out on the team championship. 

Upcoming Events

Majors Garage LeMans 24HR - Saturday, June 4th 2022

     It's the legendary 24HR of LeMans hosted by Majors Garage, the Official Unofficial iRacing event for the historic race. DeltaSport is fielding 1 LMP2 entries with a Blue and Green entry. Projected lineup is Thomas Imbourg, Christophe Herbigneaux, Alexandre Deletraz and Jacob Wyderka for the DeltaSport entry. You will be able to watch the first few hours this Saturday at 9AM EST of the race on DeltaSport TV with onboard and team radio. Stay up to date with the team on DeltaSport's social media throughout the event for updates!

Season 3 Leagues 

Sundays No Events Currently Scheduled   


3:00PM EST NXTGEN MX5 Series | Ongoing

8:00PM EST Ricmotech Classic MX5 Sprint Series MX5 -Ongoing

9:20PM EST Precision Racing League GT4 Sprint Series | Starts June 20th



Wednesdays No Events Currently Scheduled 


9:10PM EST Precision Racing League Formula 3 Series | Starts June 23rd

Fridays No Events Currently Scheduled 


3:10PM EST Apex Racing League Formula 4 Championship | Starts June 4th

 🅿 - Driver serving their probation/trial period
Always keep an eye out on the DeltaSport Youtube for onboard and team radio for any of these events! Drop a subscription if you haven't already! 
DeltaSport TV

Florian Kruger, Frank Schlothmann, Frédéric Schwarz and Timo Reipen have all been released from the DeltaSport roster and are free to explore their options going forward. The group formally came up through PCS after the merger of the two programs. Most notable were Kruger's and Schlothmann's 2nd Split Sebring 12HR win in the GT3 class. 


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