Confirmed! Alexandre Deletraz signs with DeltaSport!

DeltaSport welcomes 21 year old Alexandre Deletraz from France to the team this week to finish off the last of the signings that happened this month! Deletraz brings in not only great up and coming pace but setup knowledge in the GTE and LMP2 class which has already been put to work in the final event of the IVRA competition. Alexandre came in and went right to work with Gravouille, Herbigneaux and Imbourg to help the team finish out the season and ultimatly bring home the championship. 

Wednesday, May 19, 2021
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Confirmed! Thomas Imbourg signs with DeltaSport!

There has been a surge of European drivers while our website was getting a full overhaul! We hope that you like it btw! Next on the announcement list is the 18 year old youngster from France Thomas Imbourg. No stranger to racing in the real world as there is a list of accomplishments that are impressive! Just to share a few are, being chosen to the French team in 2016, Winner of Kartmag in 2015, 2nd in the French Cadet Championship in 2015 3rd in 24HRS of LeMans Karting 2019 and many more!

Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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