Confirmed! Kevin Tavares signs with DeltaSport!
Tuesday, April 20, 2021

The latest addition to the DeltaSport lineup is 30 year old Frenchman, Kevin Tavares who is currently working in Goodyear Luxembourg and enjoys simracing, track days in his motorcycle and traveling. 

Kevin started iRacing in 2017 and found love racing GT cars along with the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup where he found success finishing in the Top10 of the 2019S4 championship. Recently Kevin finished P7 in the top split of the Nurburgring 24HR iRacing special event in 2020. Along with those accomplishments he also has won a french fixed GT3 series in 2021. 

With connection to the DeltaSport superstar Alexandre Gravouille, Kevin found himself looking for a new chapter in his sim racing career to improve pace and overall skill sets by competing on a team that had a serious approach to leagues events and winning. 

"We're excited to bring Kevin on the team, he not only has the pace to be a valuable asset to the team but he brings a wonderful personality to the team and atmosphere that you just can't not enjoy. Looking forward to the many celebrations in the future having him piloting DS machinery." - Bryan Vorce, Team Manager


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