Extreme Sim Racing joins Team DeltaSport!
Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Some of you may have noticed that there is a new logo on the the DeltaSport machines as of late! The traditional DeltaSport banner on the windsheild has now been replaced by our newest partner and the first sim-related partner that we have welcomed aboard, Extreme Sim Racing!! Extreme Simracing is a Brazilian company that since 2008 has been dedicated to developing, producing and selling the best possible products for your home simulator! 

After meeting with their representatives we felt there was a great connection between what they are currently already doing and their vision for the future that we shared, which is to continue to blend the worlds of virtual and real racing. Extreme has been very active in supporting some karting championships in the USA with the STARS Series programs and wants to work with us and our partners to continue to exposure each of the two worlds together.

There is a lot more to this partnership to come such as discount codes for EVERYONE, a custom branded simulation rig that will be available soon and more! Stay Tuned on here for more of that information to come! 

Check out their website! >>>>>>>>> Extreme Sim Racing


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